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    This week is FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK so no better time to ask yourself who made the clothes you’re wearing?
    We are proud all our beautiful garments are made ethically in Britain, safely and fairly.
    In fact this humble little paper has all the names of the Welsh ladies who made our DIDi bra in 28GG. Shout out to Caroline, Sian, Tracey, Helen, Sue, Eileen, Carol and Kath for creating such a beauty!

    Find out more:


    Who made my clothes

  • Valentine's Day around the world

    Our friends at The Week share the cute and quirky Valentine's traditions around the world...



    Japan: Japanese chocolate companies make half their annual sales in the week leading up to Valentine's Day, although it's not the men who are shelling out their hard-earned cash. In Japan it's traditional for women to do the spoiling. It's not all rosy for the boys, though – they are expected to return the favour on White Day, which falls on 14 March.

    South Korea: In Korea they take it a step further. As well as celebrating Valentine's Day and White Day, they also mark Black Day (14 April), on which people not in relationships meet in restaurants to eat black noodles and mourn/celebrate being single.

    France: In days of yore, so the legend goes, the single men and women of a village would call to each other from houses on opposite sides of the road in order to find a mate. This was called a "loterie d'amour" (love lottery). If the pairing didn't work out, the scorned women would burn pictures of the men who rejected them on a bonfire while shouting vulgar insults. This eventually led to the practice being outlawed.

    Germany: Although Valentine's Day didn't catch on in Germany until after World War Two, the Germans have already developed their own unique tradition for the festival – their Valentine's Day displays are just as likely to feature pigs as roses and love hearts. The pig is a traditional symbol of luck – marzipan pigs are also traditionally given to family and friends at New Year.

    Finland and Estonia: Here Valentine's Day is as much a celebration of friendship as it is of romantic love. In both languages the name given to 14 February translates as Friend's Day.

    Wales: In Wales, Dydd Santes Dwynwen is celebrated on 25 January, a day that commemorates St Dwynwen, the patron saint of Welsh lovers.

    China: Qixi, the Chinese equivalent to Valentine’s Day, falls on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month each year. Known as the Seventh Night Festival it dates back to an old legend when Zhinu, a heavenly king’s daughter, and Niulang, a poor cowherd, fell in love, married and had twins. Separated by Zhinu’s father, it is said the couple are reunited for one night each year.

    To mark this occasion, young women prepare offerings of melon and other fruits to Zhinu in hopes of finding a good husband. Couples also head to temples to pray for happiness and prosperity.

    Philippines: While Valentine’s Day celebrations are similar to those of western countries, the practice of mass weddings has gained popularity in recent years, leading to hundreds of couples tying the knot or renewing their vows at shopping malls or other public places.

    England: Perhaps one of the oddest Valentine’s Day traditions can be found in England. The HuffPost UK says that on the eve on Valentine’s Day, “women in England used to place five bay leaves on their pillows — one at each corner and one in the center — to bring dreams of their future husbands. Alternatively, they would wet bay leaves with rosewater and place them across their pillows.”

  • Black Friday 24hr Sale

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  • New Review - The Mai

    British bloggers Big Cup Little Cup have been busy reviewing again! This time the littler cup, Char, tried out our Mai set in 30D and only rates it as HER FAVOURITE BRA!!!

    Read why she loves it here:


    IMG_6279 mai cup 4MAI CUP 2

  • New Review - The Ariel

    Check out this latest post from British Bra bloggers Big Cup Little Cup blog where our pistachio silk and tulle set, The Ariel, is tried and tested by Sian:


    Sian in Ariel bra and thong Sian in Ariel bra and thong







  • SS18 Collections - Best Bits

    The SS18 shows are finally over. And, phew, what a month it's been! Here's what we made of it all:

    Let's start with our hometown, London. It feels very unpatriotic to say so, but compared to drama of the other weeks London felt a little flat for us.

    That said, there were certainly some eye-catching shows. We are loving the development of faux fur Shrimps label. Their playfulness with prints and textures is putting a big smile on our face.

    Shrimps Shrimps

    Paris  was dazzling with sparkles galore coming from both Saint Laurent and Dior. The former gave a dramatic show with the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower and ahem those boots! Whilst the latter played it a little too safe  with an abundance of denims and slogan tees, in our opinion.

    YSL SS18 YSL

    But the talk of all the fashion weeks was at Milan Fashion Week around Donatella Versace's homage to her late brother, Gianni. We got unbridled joy from seeing some of our all time favourite pieces - errr hello again Warhol Marilyn catsuit  - on the hottest young models. 


    But the icing on the cake was without doubt the entrance of the ultimate supermodels: Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Helena Christensen and Carla Bruni arrived on the runway, goddess-like adorned in gorgeous gold chainmail gowns. WOW.

    Versace Supermodels Versace Supermodels

    Our full-cup Evie collection was in fact inspired by these original supermodels of the 90's and it felt extra great to see them back - http://www.allundone.com/boutique/the-evie






    This month we celebrate our fourth year of bringing you beautiful British-made lingerie for sizes 28DD- 34GG!

    We promise lots of birthday surprises with our first treat starting right now with a fabulous 40% off our most popular classic set - The Mai!


  • Christmas - Last Order Dates

    Don't miss out on a beautiful All Undone gift this Christmas

    Our last orders dates are below:


    Australia, Africa, Middle East - Thursday 3rd December


    Europe and USA - Friday 10th December


    UK - Saturday 19th December



    (Unfortunately, there are some countries globally we are unable to deliver to. Please contact us for more information)

  • The New Spring/Summer '15 Collections have arrived....


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  • Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant Hapus!

    St Davids Day

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